Frequently Asked Questions

1. Won’t the pin damage the gun bore?
NO. It is a hard plastic but much softer than the gun barrel metal. At the recent  SCI Show in Reno, Smith and Wesson displayed their handguns on similar pins.
2. Aren’t you afraid children will be exposed to the gun?
This is not to be used for permanent gun storage, just during the time the user is also in the bed. If small children are in the home it is the users responsibility to determine the advisability of using it.
3. What about women?
By all means, it is sold to both men and women. Get two so you both will have one.
4. Can it be used in a motel?
Yes, an especially good place for it while you travel. Obviously this answer is good only where law does not restrict your gun.
5. Can’t tell from the picture, what size is it?
The approximate dimensions in inches are: 5/16 thick, 2-3/8 wide, and 10 long. The pin is 1-3/8 tall.



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